Turner Syndrome Clinic Opens

Teaming up, Dr. Alexandrou and Dr. Pinnaro from our division have worked hard to create the first dedicated clinic in the region for persons with Turner syndrome (TS). TS is a genetic condition that occurs when one of the X chromosomes is fully or partially lost from cells before birth. Symptoms of TS almost always include short stature and lack of pubertal progression. Both of these conditions can benefit from expert treatment from a pediatric endocrinologist. Additionally, TS symptoms often also include subtle structural body changes such a webbed neck, structural heart defects, autoimmune disorders, hearing loss, frequent ear infections, kidney defects, and selective learning difficulties. For this reason, it is crucial to have other pediatric sub-specialty services involved and/or available. The new clinic includes pediatric endocrinology, pediatric cardiology, clinical psychology, medical genetics, pediatric nephrology, reproductive endocrinology, dietician services, and a clinical pharmacist. In addition, Dr. Pinnaro is involved with clinical trials for which some patients may qualify. The current (2023) website for the clinic, including contact information, can be found here : https://uihc.org/childrens/services/turner-syndrome .

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