Pediatric Research Day

Pediatric Research Day 2023 at the University of Iowa was held on the afternoon of April 7th, highlighting six speakers and multiple posters. The Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes was well represented. Faculty Dr. Cat Pinnaro gave a research talk entitled “Explaining phenotypic variability in Turner syndrome: Does X Mark the Spot”. Third year endocrinology fellow Dr. Alexander Tuttle gave an award-winning talk entitled “An Interactive E-Book Resource About Inpatient Pediatrics Diabetes Management for Medical Learners: Preliminary Results of a Pilot Study”. Dr. Graciela Parra Villasmil presented a research “data blitz” and poster entitled “Variability in glycemia measured by CGM in children and young adults with acute recurrent or chronic pancreatitis”. Importantly, these highlight our division’s ongoing efforts to improve the care of children with endocrine conditions.

Dr. Pinnaro presenting her research, April 2023.
Dr. Tuttle presenting his research, April 2023.
Dr. Parra Villasmil presenting her research talk, April 2023.
Dr. Parra Villasmil (middle) at her poster with Dr. Larson Ode (R) and Dr. Tansey (L), April 2023.

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